Minimalism Meets Genius


Armenian soul

To create this collection Alain drew inspiration from some of his favourite locations in Armenia, his homeland, playing with colours and shapes to convey the richness of nuances present in Armenian nature and culture.

Havana blends naturally with the lavender, neon green with earthy colours, grey and black with rusty reds, a dip in the colourful Armenian culture.

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DANSHARIAN is a collection born in 2022 from the collaboration between Alain Miklitarian and Danshari, brand Made in Japan inspired by the concept of minimalism.

The reason behind the choice of this particular name can be traced back to the designer’s origins.

In fact, even though everyone knows Alain’s story, not a lot of people are aware of his Armenian descent.

In Armenia the suffix IAN indicates paternity, therefore “son of” Danshari and Alain Miklitarian.

Minimalism meets genius.

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